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About me

I love nature and I’d like our world to be better. When I started to work on this website, I made it as an affiliate. Now days I decided to support small business and green hotels. Therefore I have changed the hotels links. I discovered that most hotels offer best price. I recommend you, book hotels from there personal websites!

My  Curriculum Vitae

Education: Masters, University of Architecture and Constructions, Sophia, 1977

Degrees and Certificates:

  • Civil Engineer Hydro- Meliorative Construction
  • Building Code Compliance and Legal Control
  • Certified Expert in Ecological and Environment Assessment
  • Certificate for Project Management: Nature Preservation and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Certificate for Civil Engineer Design Capacity

Membership of professional bodies:

  • Member of a River Basin Council Western Aegean Region
  • Member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design

Patent:  Patent for inventor № 34 345/1985

  • Invented a new type of fish pool

Professional experience and key positions:

2010 – Present  Web Designer

2007 – Present   Independent Civil Engineer Designer

2005 – 2006        Building Control

1994 – Present  Independent Consultant

1983 – 1985       Irrigational Advisor for South Western Bulgaria

1979 – 1983       Manager of Civil Engineer Designer Group

1977 – 1979       Civil Engineer – Designer

Invited as an expert and participated as a volunteer:

  • 2009 For the Greens/European Free Alliance /European Parliament
  • 2001- 2005 Two times a member of the Bulgarian National Interdepartmental Advisory Council concerning water management and food safety World Bank/GEF and GEF/UNDP Projects
  • 2000 -2004  Participant in the meetings of the Environment and  Water Committee of the   Bulgarian Parliament, that prepared the legislation for the water management and genetically modified organisms
  • 2000 Member of the Committee of the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, that provided the ordinances to the Bulgarian legislation for GMO’s
  • 1983 – 1985 Expert for the Bulgarian National Building Control, Blagoevgrad
  • 1994 – 2015     Founder and President of NGO EcoSouthwest, http://ecosw.eu

Author and manager of more than 30 ecological projects:

  • 2003 – 2004 Marketing Study for Application of Sewage Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plant, Blagoevgrad. to Agricultural and Forestry Land
  • 2002 Creating River Water Database in Bulgaria by River Basin which was available over the Internet
  • 2001 – 2002 Aplication of the European Water Framework Directive – Public Participation
  • 2001 Street campaign Water Partnership in Southwestern Bulgaria included public awareness raising and inquiry for public opinion about national water management policy and stakeholders involvement
  • 2000 Co-author of national study : GMOs – Food and Agriculture
  • 1999 Regional Campaign GMOs Food Risks included raising public awareness
  • 1998 Initiator and co-author of the project Ash Separation that included raising public awareness campaign from door to door in four town’s quarters
  • 1998 National seminar On the Road Towards the European Union – the Environmental Legislation
  • 1995 Preparation brochure about waste management distributed to 21 municipalities in SW Bulgaria

Publications and presentations:

  • 2005  Capacity-building workshop on genetically modified


  • 2005, issue 5 Article Drinking Water Supply – Effectiveness and Environment Protection, Ecoworld, Bulgarian magazine
  • March 2005  Presentation Water Protection and Public Participation: EU seminar, Sandanski, Bulgaria
  • July 2002  Presentation Sustainable Water Management at the Local Level: Initiative that Can Guarantee It,  WSSCC’s  workshop, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • March 2003  Presentation Sustainable Water Management at the Local Level: Kyoto, Japan, World Water Forum
  • 2001, issue 2 Article Water Club in Blagoevgrad, newspaper Water Talk, the newspaper is issued by the Global Water Partnership for Central and Eastern Europe

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