Agritourism Why?

Agritourism involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Agritourism refers specifically to farm stays and/or includes a wide variety of activities – buying produce direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, slopping hogs, picking fruit, feeding animals, or staying at a bed and breakfast on a farm.

Why agritourism?

  • Developing an agritourism can strengthen the overall farm business as well as increasing a market opportunity for organic farm produce.
  • Organic agritourism is a market sector ripe for further development and consumer demand for ‘green’ tourism is clearly increasing last years.
  • Organic agritourism as a tool to raise healthy tourism destinations.

The keys factors – tourism is a competitive business and many visitors are looking for environmentally friendly accommodation, and organic food is also important to staying visitors in choosing a holiday destination. Every agritourism business can work for sustainability – providing organic food using renewable energy and good waste management.