The Bio-Hotel movement in Europe was founded in 2001 in Austria. The Bio-Hotels Association now has members in seven countries. The “Bio-Hotel” logo guarantees that practically everything the guests receive will be organic. Many Bio-Hotels have installed renewable energy systems, are collecting and utilizing rain water, have insulation made from natural materials and use only natural paints. Some have beds with no metal parts, sheets and towels made from natural textiles and offer rooms free of electro-smog.

BIO HOTELS is the largest association of eco-friendly hotels: – about 100 BIO HOTELS in seven European countries. Bio-Hotels – hosts with the highest ecological demands, make the connection between good food, good farming practices and good holidays. Organic agritourism links tourism, food production and the environment. It can create new markets for organic food and it has the potential to change people’s dietary choice towards fresh organic food.

Buying locally and eco-friendly energy and waste cycles are obligatory for all members of BIO HOTELS. A visit in to the BIO HOTELS is good for guests and the sustainability. Visitor can expect the highest standards which you are used to from hotels in each category of the BIO HOTELS – enjoy the extra ecological value as well as unlimited hospitality in all member establishments.

BIO-HOTELS are completely sustainable:  100% organic foods and organic products in the organic restaurants, energy standards through the eco hotels certification, use of organic cosmetics and natural cleaning products.

The organic, eco-friendly hotels look forward to hearing from you!