Hotel & Spa Sierra de Cazorla

Sierra de Cazorla Hotel & Spa is a resort composed of a 3 Star Hotel, a 4 Star Hotel, and a Thermal Center for the client’s use of both hotels, besides other common services like Reception Desk, Lounges, Cafeteria, Restaurants and Parking. It also includes an Apartements building close to the resort.

It is placed in the road of Cazorla, Segura and The Villas Nature Reserve, on a natural ledge from which magnificients vews can be descried, at 200 m. from La Iruela village and 2 Kms. far from Cazorla Village.

The location of the Hotel itself easily allows the realization of trips, both vehicle and Hicking.

Variety of rooms, distributed in two categories, 3-star and 4-star. Mountain, Moroccan, Oriental, African style rooms, available in single and double rooms and also triple, family and economic rooms. The hotel has Junior Suites rooms, Suites with private Jacuzzi, and adapted rooms for handicapped persons.

The THERMAL CENTER “OLEO SALUD”.The most complete and major that can be found in many Kms., and the only specialized in treatement with Olive Oil. In addition to a Fitness Center with a variety of aerobic equipement.