Villas da Fonte Leisure and Nature

Villas da Fonte Leisure and Nature, Leiria, Portugal

Villas da Fonte – Leisure & Nature has 14 well-appointed rooms that are accompanied by a variety of essential amenities to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay.  Close to the pine forest, the sea and the town, the hotel offers a rich and environmentally-friendly nature.  Visit the beautiful treasures of Portuguese architecture, fall in love with the magnificent fine white sandy beaches and discover magic places that time and Nature saved.

There are places that comfort your soul, ready to be discovered. Stroll along the different pedestrian trails or cycle along the Atlantic road, enjoying the Natural environment to the full and immerse yourself in the smell of the pine forest, countryside and sea!

Discover Villas da Fonte – Leisure & Nature special horse riding programmes for beginners and experienced riders, giving you a unique sense of the Natural environment (caves, hiking routes, natural area Park, paragliding) and letting you interact with what some consider to be the noblest of animals, horses!  Our partnership with the  equestrian centre of Alcaria guarantees complete safety and versatility. An area in complete harmony with Nature for you to read a book, newspaper or magazine in peace. Because reading requires perfect environments filled with peace and tranquillity.

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The comfort, tranquillity and sense of well-being it offers its guests invite families, couples and groups of friends.

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