Hotel San Cristóbal

Hotel San Cristóbal offers guests 96 rooms with refurbished facilities, adapted to our clients’ needs. Comfort, relaxation and views over Marbella’s stunning landscape.

Superior rooms located on the top two floors of the hotel. Featuring a modern and elegant decoration, bathed in the bright light of Marbella and with exterior views and renovated in 2017.

An authentic andalusian courtyard inside Hotel San Cristóbal. An ideal place to relax and enjoy good company, to read, listen to music or simply relax in this open air oasis.

At the Alameda Restaurant, located on the first floor of the hotel, guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in a pleasant environment with a large variety of seasonal food for all tastes. And all whilst enjoying a space bathed in light with privileged views of the Alameda Park in Marbella.

The buffet style breakfast has been designed to ensure you get off to a good start in the morning and maintain your energy levels whilst you enjoy the city. Fruit, dairy, cereals, cold meats…

Get to know our varied menus containing homemade Mediterranean cuisine created by hand using the best qualify products the region has to offer.