Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa

The Insotel Hotel Group values customer satisfaction and loyalty. That is why our marketing activities are based on quality products and services. We incentivise our staff to work in teams, to reach specified goals and to continuously strive to improve on all the group’s different processes. All
this in line with tourist attraction, customer satisfaction, awareness among the staff of the Group, among our Clients and in Society as a whole.
The General Management of Insotel Hotel Group is aware of how important it is to ensure that all activities and services provided take the environment into account, respecting it fully. In order to guarantee sustainable tourism development, it therefore commits itself to the following undertakings
related to the environment and continuous improvement:
1. Always work in line with current tourism and environmental legislation, and any other such rules and regulations that may apply.
2. Determine the environmental impact of our activities, and avoid pollution.
3. Develop responsibility, awareness, training and communication with regards to the environment, aimed at all individuals and companies involved in the activities at the hotel and our business, working together and incentivising cooperation in line with the principles of this environmental policy.
4. Guarantee continuous improvement of our environmental management, setting goals and objectives for the conservation of our nature and carrying out audits that verify documentation, implementation, maintenance and proper functioning of the system.
Responsibility for the implementation of the quality and environmental policies is shared by all staff members of the Insotel Hotel Group and they will cooperate daily, giving life to the integrated.
Quality and Environment management system, following and revising the principles stated; they will adopt the motto:
“Quality and sustainability is not something you have, it is something you do”.